Does the phrase,"institutional, beige, cinder block walls" describe your school?

Change that!

A residency with Muralist & Art Educator Caren Frost Olmsted transforms the visual character of your school & unleashes the artist in each student who participates in the creation of a stunning, theme driven mural.

  • Each & every students paints‐ no matter what their skill level!
  • Leaves a MAJOR artistic gift that transforms the atmosphere of the school!
  • Murals are custom designed for each school.
  • Each mural is protected with a clear coat for zero to low maintenance in the years to come.
  • Unique opportunity for parents to volunteer & participate in the school.
  • Excellent moment to bring in the local press to see that wonderful things are going on in your school.

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To accurately determine scope, scale & duration - please provide the following:

Square Feet

Approximate number of square feet to be painted

# of Students

total number of students to be involved

# of visits

number of times you want the students to meet with Ms. Olmsted

Class period / length

Bring a mural residency to your community

The average residency is 12‐14 days for 325‐425 students

Design Phase

Ms. Olmsted will collaborate with the school in order to have the mural design uniquely reflect their mission, vision, & student body. PLEASE PLAN TO PROVIDE ANY & ALL THEMATIC IDEAS TO MS. OLMSTED AT LEAST 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO PROJECT START DATE so as to allow enough time to develop your school's mural plan & make color selections.

The school should DESIGNATE ONE PERSON TO BE THE DESIGN & COMMUNICATIONS POINT PERSON, through which all emails, discussions and design decisions will be made & approved.

The school should consult with the SCHOOL NURSE to see whether there are any students in the school with an airborne or contact latex allergy, as the paints used in the mural contain latex.

Mural Painting Phase

PARENT VOLUNTEERS are absolutely critical to the success of this large‐scale collaborative mural in each & every phase of the project: the prep, student painting, final touch‐ups, & clear coat. No artistic experience required! Ms. Olmsted will be happy to provide the school with a sample volunteer schedule.

Ms. Olmsted will need to create a PAINT TABLE AREA where all the supplies will be kept during the residency. This will require the use of an on‐site 6‐8 foot table, a large garbage can, & unfettered access to a large sink where brushes can be washed throughout the day.

A CERTIFIED TEACHER must be present with the students at all times (classroom or art teacher).

If possible, the school might like to consider allowing any children who may have been absent on their class' painting day to come with another class so that we can attempt to reach 100% PARTICIPATION.

Paints and Materials

THE CLIENT IS EXPECTED TO PAY FOR ALL PAINT MATERIALS FOR THE MURAL, IN ADDITION TO THE COST OF THE RESIDENCY. This includes paint, protective clear coat, painters' tape, & brushes.

Ms. Olmsted prefers to use NO VOC BENJAMIN MOORE &/OR SHERWIN WILLIAMS acrylic‐ latex house paints. If the school wishes to pursue & receives a donation of materials, this cost will be removed from the residency. Ms. Olmsted will provide all ladders, drop cloths, and miscellaneous painter's tools.

The mural shall not require any special lighting or maintenance as it will receive a NO VOC PROTECTIVE TOPCOAT at the end of the residency.

Children should wear painting clothes & smocks for their mural painting session. Ms. Olmsted will provide shoe covers.