I love all the different ways that my schools, hospitals, and community centers choose to dedicate their murals, but this one is pretty special… a full on blessing from Father George of St. Vincent Martyr in Madison, NJ. You can see the full mural in the Community Mural Section of the website!

Look at these sweet little artists on the front page of the local paper! The Bernardsville News Feb. 27, 2014

Trying to find the perfect, personal gift for someone special?  A closing gift that is meaningful and will have those clients remembering you for years to come?  For years our clients have been coming to us draw images of their first home, the place they met, where they got married, and so forth.  Truly a […]

Music is a bridge to the mystery of the unseen. Music sends light into my heart and speaks to the soul, needing no translation. It is pure feeling. Walter Pater said, “All art constantly aspires to the condition of music.” Is this what draws me into describing my experience through painting instruments? Or is it […]